DoshTracker Update #1 - Let's Get Cracking!

I know glaciers have been observed moving faster than the current re-development of DoshTracker but this is the first blog post of many in this new DoshTracker category.

If you've arrived here straight from www.doshtracker.co.uk then welcome to my blog, please feel free to have a look around and find out more about me, who I am and what I do. If you are already a reader of dutton.me.uk then I'll be using postings in this category to provide progress updates on the re-development of DoshTracker, a UK currency tracking site I developed back in 2001 which ran for five years (check out its Wikipedia entry for more info here).

I plan to utilise both the Google Maps API and Ext JS framework in the re-design so I will be posting lots of my findings on getting these two playing nicely. I'm still 100% committed to getting DoshTracker back up and running and from all of the positive feedback I've had from the old user-base you guys want it too, so watch this space.

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