Mozilla 1 - Microsoft 1

Add-ons may be causing problemsAfter silently installing their own add-ons to Firefox earlier this year as part of a Microsoft Service Pack, it appears that last last week Mozilla finally got around to blocking them on security grounds.

While Microsoft are happy modifying and 'updating' other people's software in one of their updates, they then seem a bit lapse in keeping on top of the ol' bug fixeroo, one of the primary reasons people flee from IE in the first place.

Prior to Mozilla blocking them, it turns out that this particularly nasty 'Critical Remote Code Execution' vulnerability applied not only to IE, but to Firefox installs containing these add-ons. So thanks guys, I'm glad someone's watching our backs! =)

(Now, who knows what this will do to my WPF XBAP testing? After all that I might have to dust down IE!)

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