My First Photobook Online!!!

After a few weeks of fiddling with Blurb's excellent BookSmart app, I've finally finished my first photobook.

The book covers my best shots taken between 2006-2009 and so pretty much plots the development of a serious photography addiction for me, from the early 350D days, right up to the most recent Cornwall trip and Low Light Photography Course I attended last month (yes, blog post LOOONG overdue for that one, it's on its way. The photos are just hitting my flickr now and over the next few days!)

Photos 2006-09
Photos 2006-09
A collection of my...
By Richard Dutton
Book Preview
Photo book

Please feel free to drop by and have a look, all of the photos are from my flickr stream but I thought it was about time to have something in print.

Blurb's software has come on in leaps and bounds since the last time I tried them out a few years ago. With a version for both Mac and Windows users, it provides not only the standard templated layouts, but also the ability to tweak and create your own layouts from scratch, something which I felt was missing from the original version.

I've got a printed copy on its way and will report back as soon as it arrives.

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