Rebooting a Gaggia Cubika Plus

I know that this is a bit off piste from my usual subject matter but software engineers and coffee are pretty much inseparable and I'm no exception.

My coffee machine recently started playing up. Turn it on, see the light come on to show its ready, load her up and press the button to expect a delivery of the black gold liquid I've become dependent on, but no... Lots of "coffee machine" noise, but no coffee.

Turns out I've been leaving it switched on for too long and this particular model has an overheating cut out which according to the manual requires a service engineer back at Gaggia to reset.

Fortunately, a bit of googling led me to this Amazon review which explains what to do and so I've reproduced it here with photos for anyone else who may encounter the same issue.

NB: This is for information only, opening the machine will certainly invalidate your warranty and may expose you to high temperatures and live electrical circuits. I hold no responsibility for any damages or loss encountered by following these instructions.






I agree with the comments on this review; this switch shouldn't really require disassembly to access and from reading some of the other comments, quite a few people have returned "broken" units with this problem before discovering how to fix it.

Bit of a design flaw in otherwise an awesome espresso machine.

Anyway, caffeine source fixed, back to coding =)

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