Moved host

Moving my blog's hosting onto Azure over the Bank Holiday weekend, if you're reading this then it's succeeded, if you spot anything strange then please let me know in a comment.


Update 30/05/2013

Azure move is complete, but the old hosting is still up. From my visitor stats data, it looks like the nameserver change is taking a while to propagate, so if you're not reading this, it hasn't reached you yet, but then I guess you wouldn't know... so....

Anyway, I'll crack on with posting new content here, and I'm sure you'll all catch up soon.

Update 2 30/05/2013

I have figured out why my visitor stats are so low; the old permalinks which took you straight to specific posts had been broken so the google search results and any links posted to forums were returning a 404. A side effect of moving from a linux to a windows based host is that IIS was putting index.php into the url that it was expecting. Thanks to Webloggerz for their excellent tutorial on how to fix this.

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