Using your own Fasthosts domain with Windows Azure Web Sites

I've now successfully moved two of my domains to Azure web hosting, I can't say it was a particularly quick process but it is relatively painless. The key is not to lose patience with the DNS updates as it can appear like nothing is working (all while your website is broken to the outside world) so I thought I'd document the moving of a third domain so you know what to expect. I use Fasthosts for all of my hosting needs, so my screenshots are from their domain management system, but I can't see why the same wouldn't work for other domain name providers that allow custom DNS.

Setting up the Windows Azure web site

OK, so first we need to set up an Azure web site for you to point your domain to, you can skip this if you've already got one.

Configuring my own domain to use with Windows Azure websites

NB: This will change the Web Site Mode from Free so you will be charged for usage once you do this. Please consult the Azure price lists for more information.

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