How to stop Lego's Life of George iPhone and iPad app from crashing

Lego Life of George ScreenshotFor those of you who know me it's no surprise that I'm a big kid with a borderline unhealthy fascination with Lego, so when Mrs Santa very kindly brought me the Lego Life of George game this year you can understand my disappointment to download the iOS app on my iPhone only to find it consistently crash on startup rendering the whole thing pretty useless.

Same story on my iPad and no matter how many times I restarted or closed all other apps. It's understandably getting quite a lot of bad reviews on the App Store with people threatening to return it.

Anyway, until Lego sort this out you can get the app working (albeit with all the online functionality disabled) if you put your device in airline mode.

Hope this helps any other kids out there (both big and small :) ).

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